We here at River City Presa strive to produce working athletic type Presa Canario that are healthy, stable, with strong nerves.
We breed to try to keep to the original Presa from the Islands and focus on health, temperament, nerve and drive and athletic for working.
We raise dogs on a farm were they protect livestock from predators such as stray dogs and coyotes.
We mostly breed to produce the ultimate family companions and protector.

High quality Presa Canario is an investment into well breed and socialized dog who will be a great companion for you and your family through it's whole life.

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Even as kid I loved dogs. I remember staying with my grandmother, and she always kept some type of guard style dogs. I remember an old collie and some type of mix. The neighborhood was one with crime, so the dogs were part of the security. I remember watching these dogs run up and down the fence along the back alley, when people walked by. I knew that they would never allow anybody to intrude the property.

As well a bike club a few houses down from her, is were I was introduced to the pitt bull. As a young boy I was amazed by this dog. It seemed like every hour they would walk a different dog around the block. I can remember thinking wow I wish I could have so many nice dogs. I was the kid that came to hang with the dogs more so than the other kids. I always had some type of dog so I know most breeds and owned many as well.

At the time I met Presa Canario I had some Rottweiler and Akita. I was also the owner of lawn landscape service. I come out one day to find most of my equipment had been stolen. I as well was living in an area that was drug infested and crime was rising. I needed a good guard dog. I needed some type of dog that would keep my property safe when I was gone. But also wanted a dog with a fierce look, but stable and balanced. I like to do a lot of hiking and walking, sometimes in extreme terrain. So I needed an athletic type dog, one that could walk miles and not tire. I needed a smart dog with strong nerves.

I spent about the next year researching many breeds and automatically fell in love when I found Presa Canario.

I remember I first saw Rey Gladiador with Ewa Ziemska and her amazing boy Kingo on Youtube. In this time you never saw videos of a dog like this working in the way Ewa worked Kingo. Also others helped in my decision for Presa Canario.

I remember the first time I saw Presa Canario in real life. These dogs for me were far more superior to any dogs I’ve ever saw. The dogs were magnificent and had an exotic look of pure power.

I bought my first Presa pup, it was a female. I wanted a male but when I went to look at some pups only a female was available. Of course I fell in love with her an bought her. After the first 6 months I could tell the Presa Canario had far exceeded the other breeds in how smart it was. I loved how athletic they were and they were capable of keeping up with me on my walks. I could tell the nerve and protective nature was far more than other breed I’ve owned. After this first Presa I was now not only in love with dogs but only one breed Presa Canario. I had rehomed the rott an akita to loving homes an got me a male.

I can’t say I never had intentions to breed the dogs when I got them but at this time didn’t realize how important it would be later for some of my first dogs because they produced some good pups with good character.

I always had dogs with me so a lot of people would see me with dogs. Before I knew it I had quite a few people want pups. By the time I first breed my first dogs I could see that the dogs were something special to me. That they posses what I want in a dog. They proved to be a loyal guard dog. Courageous, smart and athletic. I always loved the dark brindle Presa the look alone would detour a criminal I felt I could not replace these dogs so only way was to produce my own pups to pick what I want. Since I already had a litter to go to great homes helped make it easier to breed. Living in a neighborhood the dogs were fine. They all had daily walks and never any problems. But I wanted to preserve the dogs I had and knew that the Presa Canario could be the ultimate all around dog.

I have produced police k9 and certified service dogs and as well have sold pups to breeders who certify pups in service work. I had fallen in love with the breed and wanted to see the full potential. I had sold pups to hog hunters who love to use them to hog hunt. Also were very good at doing protection work.

All of this had lead me to be blessed now to have the dogs on a farm. This is were I learned the Presa Canario is a great farm dog. One thing you read is that they are great livestock herders and guardian. The dogs seemed to naturally herd sheep and cattle. The dogs were strong enough and have nerve to get kicked by cattle and go back to work. It is amazing to see them work in this way. The dogs have done a great job at keeping the cattle on our side of the farm and keep sheep on their side.

To me the Presa Canario is the ultimate dog and is capable of doing any type of work. They are loving and protective of kids they are raised with and are a loving and protective family companion.