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Contact us to reserve your Presa Canario puppy.

 #502 356 5221

On average our puppies cost $2000 but price might depend from quality and particular breeding. 

To reserve a puppy $500 deposit is required. Deposits are taken after you are sure you would like to have a puppy from us. Deposit is a guarantee to us both that from this moment we are committed to each other – you are sure there is a puppy waiting for you, and we are sure we don’t need to screen other potential buyers who could be willing to buy his puppy. Deposits aren’t refundable – this is to ensure that you are seriously interested in owning one of our puppies.

On request we can take your puppy to qualified veterinarian for ear crop on buyers cost and risk. Cost of ear crop is additional $300

We encourage you to come and pick up your puppy in person, but whenever this isn’t possible we provide shipping. Shipping depends on the destination and requirements if this is going to be another country thus we can’t say exact fee couried would take for the shipping. On average costs of shipping around USA stay in range of $250-500.

Average price for puppy is $2000 ($500 being deposit / $1500 on pickup or before shipping). Prices might differ between puppies and breeding so contact for more details regarding particular puppy